Mr. Vikas Jhabakh
Executive Director

Mr. Vikas Jhabakh

Vikas Jhabakh has done his bachelors from Cardiff University, UK and his MBA from Warwick University, UK. He has also spent 6 months in London School of Economics, UK and Emory University, USA for summer school and exchange programs. Vikas is an avid go-karter and has represented his Universities in football tournaments across the UK. 

Vikas has specialised in Marketing and HR and has been successful in starting exclusive verticals for these disciplines across all of Mahavir’s Dealerships. He won the award for ‘best Marketing Initiative’ by Mercedes-Benz in his first year in-charge. Vikas has also spent two year working for Emkay Global Financial Services as a Research Analyst.

Vikas is currently in-charge of new operational changes and business expansion for the Mahavir Group. He has over-looked the addition of the brands Mahavir Sound Room, Suzuki Motorcycles, Benelli Motorcycles and Indian Motorcycles for Mahavir Group. He is also responsible for creating Mahavir’s first corporate logo, tagline and corporate identity. Some of the operations initiatives taken by Vikas include an Annual Mahavir Employee day, dedicated teams for HR and Marketing, a customer loyalty program for Mahavir group and a dedicated call-center with a TOLL FREE number. All of these initiatives has helped transit Mahavir from a purely family run business model to a more professional setup.